Firewall not working properly

I made a firewall rule to block traffic from China. But after that i website stopped loading in India and some asian countries too.
Finally ended in switching off this firewall rule and my website started to work again.

Post screenshots of the following

  • your firewall rules
  • the event log of your firewall
  • the error you received when loading the page
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I had not taken screenshot of error that time but i still remember it was error 524 :

All right, there are a couple of things which dont make sense.

You say you block China but there were also requests from other countries blocked. The first bit seems to be accurate, but the blocked request you posted originated from China, so it being blocked was desired. Whats the problem there?

The second thing is, you now mentioned a 524 error which is completely unrelated to any block but simply means your server did not respond in time to the request. Thats something you need to investigate on your server.

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If you do find an Event where it is being blocked incorrectly, please also provide us the “Filter ID” in the “Matches Triggered Show List”, and provide the ID. Someone at Cloudflare can look these up and confirm what’s going on.

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