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I’m a new user and put a couple test “pro” sites up to evaluate CF. The one that I fully provisioned has a Firewall->Managed Rules section that looks as expected. The second site, we have not yet switched our nameservers but its otherwise complete. We will go live at some point hopefully during our analysis.

The question is, on this second site, why does Firewall->Managed Rules not show anything other then turning the WAF on and off? Once On, there are still no managed rules to tweak.

Edit: Tech Support replied very fast. So indeed the firewall rules wont show up till I switch the nameservers. Likewise I can’ order a named cert or even a shared cert until then. So my strategy will be to just switch the name servers and point everything for now to my old CDN, then once I see the certs show up and the rules are available, turn on the orange cloud/load balancers.



That doesn’t sound right. Admittedly, I hadn’t checked that section since the Firewall page went to tabbed format, but both of my paid plans show all the goodies in there.

See if Support can take a look:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


Thanks I opened a ticket. Its possible I guess that since I haven’t switched dns its a quirk in their system, but I just wanted to be sure its set correctly before pulling any triggers.

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