Firewall managed rules blocking manual rules


firewall managed rules is blocking IPs connecting to an API Script. Ruleset Name:
Bot Fight Mode for Definite Bots. Rule name: manage definite bots.

How do I disable this ruleset for this API?
I tried to “allow” the path in service: Firewall rules. But it seems, that after this rule grant access the managed rules still blocking the connection.

I’m pretty sure i’m not the first guy,asking this question. but it’s friday afternoon and i really need to solve this issue asap and I couldn’t find an answer, yet. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, you can’t bypass certain settings with a firewall rule. Super Bot Fight Mode is one of them, from what I’ve seen. Only Firewall → Tools with an Allow for specified IP addresses seems to work.

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[quote=“sdayman, post:2, topic:345773”]
Only Firewall → Tools with an Allow for specified IP addresses[/quote]

This would work? The traffic sequence lists “ip access rules” before “Firewall rules” followed by “managed rules”. So I guess, ip access rule bypass would get an override, too.

Someone in the community tried this before and as far as I can remember, it worked.


If I could just add a note and confirm as far as recently this method worked for me even when Cloudflare Worker was “managed” (as my bot rule was configured to do this). Adding it’s IP to a Firewall Rule did not worked, but adding it’s IP to IP Access Rules worked and still works for me.

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