Firewall logs - possible to see cloudflare ip as well as source

I’ve started trying to restrict access to a site of mine to cloudflare ips only. Because of my router (unifi) a port forward that doesn’t match the address range is just dropped without logging.

I was wondering as well as the source/destination addresses in the cloudflare firewall entries, if there was some way of seeing what cloudflare ip the request was coming from so I could make sure I had the cloudflare ranges set up properly.

Did you use the list from here?

IP Ranges | Cloudflare

Yes, but who knows how up to date that is kept.
I just wanted a further ability to see where it was coming from.

That list is up-to-date. Customers also receive an email if that list changes for any reason.

Have a read on this page Restoring original visitor IPs – Cloudflare Help Center

I see requests logged on my server with the Cloudflare IP address but you can see the original IP via HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP

Check Geekzone User IP information

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