Firewall Logs in Dashboard stopped working properly

The Firewall Events list shown in Dashboard under Firewall → Overview stopped working. Only few log entries (e.g. one or two logs) are shown. Attempts to paginate don’t help, another one single or couple of entries are returned on the next page. This issue is intermittent but occurs frequently.

As a side comment, refreshing the Firewall Events list e.g.<account>/ in Chrome with DevTools opened (press F12 to open then switch to ‘Network’ tab) reveals that this webpage triggers ~90 requests made to the server. This figure doesn’t look healthy for a simple paginated list of maximum 25 entries per page.

Another side comment on GraphQL which this page started using.

The GraphQL response is very ‘chatty’ which hurts performance - it takes more bandwidth than the data embedded into it.

GraphQL is very popular due to advantages it has but there are significant costs as well including on the server which means it is not the right choice always and everywhere. It makes most sense when data belonging to several distinct (but related) entities is requested. In case when there is just one data entity e.g. the dashboard firewall log entry, one could have another look at whether this protocol is the correct choice. It doesn’t appear to be if data filtering based on the flexible set of chosen data columns is implemented on the client only. It could barely become one when the set of the chosen data columns shapes the data request sent to the server.