Firewall is not working

Guys, I have a free account, and I’m trying to configure some firewall rules, but no rules work, nothing works in my rules, can you help me please?

Make sure, your orange cloud is turned on and your nameservers have changed

Are these your nameservers?

Yes that’s right!

Do they match the nameservers appear in Cloudflare DNS tab?

Yes that’s right,
it’s right

This is definitely weird. I can’t see any problems with your firewall rule, but perhaps an @MVP may have bright eyes to spot the issue.

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I swear I’ve tried everything, nothing else works :disappointed_relieved:

You are not proxing your site through Cloudflare, make sure your A records are :orange:

when I add the A record under these conditions I get the following error

If you’re using Shopify then I don’t think it’s possible

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Oh, really ? hey now you made me sad

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