Firewall IP block is not working at 100%


I have website proxied by Cloudflare, and at the moment it is under pressure by certain outer IP.
I can seee some ot the attempts in WAF, whcih are blockd (good), but additionally I’ve added a Firewall rule to block that IP completely.

But it is stull accessing my website, accordinlgy to access.log

What should I do now?

Make sure your server cant be accessed directly, bypassing Cloudflare. If that is possible, it wont matter what you configure on Clouflare, it will never take effect.

Also, can you post a screenshot of your firewall rule and the access.log entries?

Thanks for the suggestions!
But the server is fully proxied, not even any of subdomains,

Screenshots attached

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You block “57” instead of “51”.

Yes, oh my god, thanks

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