Firewall IP Access Rules - "This website" vs "All websites in account"?

In the IP access rules under Firewall, what does it mean by “This website” and “All websites in account”?
I’m trying to find/understand what sub-domain of our website is restricting IP addresses and there’s not much information in this table.

That would be for that Zone, which is that domain and its subdomains. Then “All Websites” is for all domains you have set up at Cloudflare.

Ah ok so the zone is the domain that’s showing in the URL and in the top-left corner?
Is there a section in here where I might see what IP’s are being allowed for a specific sub-domain?
I see it included in a “zone lockdown” section but adding an IP i’m trying to access the site from doesn’t appear to do anything in letting me access the site, so it must not be this component that I’m after :cry:

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