Firewall flatline after moving to Pro account

Last night we moved one of our domains across to Cloudflare Pro after testing the free version for the last week - We have noticed that since the Pro was activated and WAF turned on the analytics for the firewall has flatlined with no instances of blocking and challenging etc ?

Please can anyone advise ?

Try to filter for Block and see what’s causing the block.

thanks for suggestion Eric, I’m not 100% sure what you mean by that - only been using this for a week - basically, it shows me that ive only had one WAF incident in the last 6 hours - surely that cant be correct…

Screenshot 2021-05-21 at 11.17.22

Click the Filter button here:


Also, filter for date so that it covers the firewall events before you upgrade to Pro plan:

Do you have any firewall rules you created yourself?

Do you have any IP list or IP/ASN ALLOW rules in the Tools section?

If no for those questions I would contact support and raise a ticket. If yes then you should us let know more about the configuration.

I did have three firewall rules set which enabled me to ban certain countries - I disabled these firewall rules when I moved across to the pro account last night -

in terms of the tools, nothing has been changed here -

So are you saying that you disabled the three firewall rules after you switch to Pro plan? Then you already have an answer for your question.

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I see the point you are making Eric, the three firewall rules where aimed at only allowing access to our site from the UK and US. We turned these 3 firewall rules off when we went pro as we thought the advanced firewall protection would take care of all intruders. - However, I have other domains which are not on pro and are showing firewall events blocking and challenging sites on a very regular basis, like every few minutes - whereas the pro account has only displayed one event, possible 2 in the last 12 hours - below is image of one of our other sites not on a pro plan and displaying multiple firewall actions…

the example site above has no firewall rules created by us…