Firewall Events Browse by Time


In the Cloudflare Dash Firewall Page, We have thousands of
Firewall Events that can be searched by IP, RayID & RuleID.

There is no provision for us to see the threat details (logs)
for any specific periods in the past. We only have the option
to sequentially go back in time one page at a time.

We request Cloudflare to refine the Firewall Events Search
to include options to show events pertaining to user-defined
past period of times.

Thank you.

That’s one of the weak spots in the dashboard. I know they’re working on improving the Firewall Events log to be more user friendly.

Today yu can export them and use your own tool to filter/ analyze them as well:

can we at least get some basic filtering like “show only blocked events” or something like that? because since the new firewall rules the firewall event are spammed with endless of “allowed good bots” rule that you recommended everyone to add

We don’t recommend that an allow good bots rule be added in and of itself. Good bots are allowed by default. Allow good bots as a condition in a firewall rule that is blocking unwanted traffic to make sure good bots are not excluded if you want them to to be able to hit whatever URL is being restricted.

The spamming you are seeing is because you have an allow rule which is being triggered. The rule is unnecessary because it is allowing default behavior.

thanks I removed it, I got confused by this blog post which says:

As Cloudflare has removed the whitelisting capability, it is important that customers include simply in an Allowed rule, to avoid inadvertently blocking good crawlers which could affect your SEO and monitoring.

I remember a lot of people asking about it here

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