Firewall Events Blocking From My IP?

I’m seeing a block every minute or so for a FAKE BOT - Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; bingbot/2.0; +
but it shows that it’s originating from my IP address? Is this normal?

The origin is your personal IP/the server IP? The bad bot rule uses these 1 2 validation rules to prevent people from faking the google/Bing/etc user agent.

It’s my server ip address

Thats not a “fake bot” (unless you confirmed it does not belong to Microsoft), it’s Bing’s crawler.

Can you post a screenshot of the entry?

Hi Sandro,

You were correct it wasn’t a Fake Bot. It turns out it was a redirect component I was using. I recently changed my URL structure. The firewall was picking up search engine crawls after a redirect as a fake bot. All fixed now thanks for responding.

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