Firewall Events Activity Log Duration by Plan

We are currently on the Pro plan and appear to be able to access two weeks worth of activity.

  1. If we setup API calls to the log, can we see pull more than two weeks? If so…
  2. What is the maximum duration we can pull?
  3. Does it require a Business or Enterprise plan to be able to pull more than two weeks? If so…
  4. What are the durations available in each of those plans?

Based on Security Events · Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF) docs, Free Plan gets 24 hours of events stored.

From the docs, Enterprise has up to 30 days and Business has 72 hours

Thanks for the reply. I did see the Security Events doc.

I was wondering if the API has the same “limitations” or if we can pull more than 24 hours regardless of the plan we are on.

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