Firewall event log


Why appear in Firewall Event Log on the last 20h.

I had an attack on the 30th and the last log was on the 29th.

Shouldn’t this be a minute?


How did you determine it is an attack? Was it stopped by Cloudflare? If not, and if it didnt fire any firewall events, nothing will be listed. Also, maybe the requests circumvented Cloudflare and went straight for your server. Whats the domain?


Because made many resquests to this domain by path /wp-login.php.

I define the rule block this uri path but in the events not occur nothing!

My domain is

Can you post a screenshot of the rule you set up?

For starters, you have a blank in your second expression. Then, it might be better to use is in than eq in your case. Finally, there is nothing at anyhow. on the other hand does get blocked. Make sure you remove the whitespace for the other URL.

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