Firewall Event Log and jsChallenges

Does the Firewall Event Log show ALL jsChallenges for pro accounts or only those that failed the security check?

It lists everything that qualifies for a challenge, regardless of whether failed, succeeded or even succeeded on an earlier request.

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Thank you Sandro.

Is there any way to check if a given jsChallenge succeeded or failed? I’m hoping to be able to tweak several firewall rules based on the failure rates of jsChallenges.

Not at the moment as far as I know. Cloudflare is working on this area to improve the overall data which is displayed, but I wouldnt expect anything before Q2 or Q3.

Maybe @alexcf can shed more light.

To keep up the research I’ll keep direct checking and comparing my local Apache/Nginx logs to the IP’s in the Firewall Event Log’s but can’t wait to see what CloudFlare releases next!

Thank you as always for your responses. I think you’ve single handedly answered my last several questions. :slight_smile:

Edit: It’s been a while, but anything you can move into CloudFlare Workers won’t show up in the firewall. This has made it usable for me again!

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