Firewall error when blocking continents


When I’m trying to implement firewall rules, I get this error:
not entitled to use advanced Geo IPs in expression, at index: 0

I get the rules from the drag and drop.

Even with one rule as simple as blocking Asia (sorry but most of my attacks come from there) I get the error. This is the rule: (ip.geoip.continent eq “AS”)

What could be the problem? I found a thread with this problem but it was closed with a “the issue is solved” with no explanation.

Thank you in advance.

Just guessing, but it sounds like you need a Pro or Enterprise account. This post seems to confirm this theory: Getting error ip.geoip.continent

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Oh sorry I didn’t see that post.
Yes I have a free account. If that’s the problem, I think it should be specified in the firewall options as the rest of “banned” options for free accounts.
Thank you for your reply.

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