Firewall don't block desktops ip's only mobile

Hello guys, i blocked few ip’s in cloudflare to not acess my website but my cloudflare only blocking ip’s if they are using MOBILE, in computer/desktop they keep visiting my website even with their ip’s blocked… i tested with my own ip and i have the same i can acess my website with desktop but in mobile not!
any suggestions why this is happening?!

Hi Tony

Just checking that you are using the external IP address (public) for your desktop and not the LAN addresses (private) - is that right?

i dont think so cause cloudflare blocking only in mobile, i dont know why, in desktop i tested with my own ip, external ip and not worked as well , he didnt block desktop’s :frowning:

Are you behind VPN or using Web browser like Opera, which has VPN enabled by default?

What error do you get when visiting your website on your mobile phone?

Are you using your home’s WiFi or mobile data (cellular network)?

Look guys, i have STRIPE on my website as a gateway payment everyweek a lot of fraudlents people trying to buy something in my website and stripe give me the ip from this user, right?
So i can block them here in cloudflare but only works if users are in mobile not in desktop, the ip is right but i cant understand why dont block desktops and only mobiles!

Do you have mobile sub-domain redirection?

Moreover, how do you block an IP addresses on the Cloudflare? Using Page Rule, Firewall, WAF advanced, IP access?

Could you try installing some re-captcha at your login/register page or at your checkout page to prevent it?

Do you block any bots?

It is more likely that you are using the wrong IP. I looked last week and the IP you used to post in the forums wasn’t in the list of sites being blocked on your website (nor was it in the audit logs). But you claimed you blocked your own IP. So I’d suggest double-checking you are choosing the correct address to block. The IP block logic happens well before any check as to device type.

I don’t work for Stripe so I couldn’t possibly say.


Well, for some reason today worked, i blocked my self and few’s scammers ips and its ok!
Thanks a lot for your Help and for all tryed help here, appreciate your time guy!

Have a Wonderful weak!

(ps: How i can close this topic? )

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bro to remove bots from. cloudflare do it in your htacces