Firewall concern

Hi guys i will really need some help on this… it seems that Cloudflare Firewall is blocking and and i need this site to be allowed because to of my website plugins need to get information from this site to work properly should i try adding these to sites URLS to a rule that allow them


Hi @mrfiredon, that is a country block the owner of the site has put in place. You should contact them and ask if they can remove the rule to allow you to access the site.


Cloudflare isn’t blocking, the owner of that zone has decided to block certain countries or regions from accessing their website (as stated in the screenshot). That decision/configuration is solely the purview of the the owner of that zone.


Guys thanks for your quick response i will try to get in touch with them…

Guys will it be possible to address this ban with a VPN software or plugin?

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