Firewall challenge on specific page of website

I want to challenge “no referer / Direct Traffic” on some pages.
I already implemented this firewall rule. But still getting traffic.
(http.request.uri eq “/page-A” and http.request.uri eq “/page-B” and http.referer eq “”)

What to do next?

The path cannot contain both pages at the same time. You’d be looking for an OR, respectively the following

(http.referer eq "" and http.request.uri.path in {"/page-A" "/page-B"})

Should i create 2 separate firewall rules or simply copy your above mentioned code and replace with my website pages url?

Why would you have two rules?

I didn’t completely understand it.

Your rule requires the path to have two different values, which obviously cannot work. The rule I posted would do the trick.

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