Firewall Breach of our ASN Block


We are still having spam-bot breaching our ASN block.

Could someone please check our setting to make sure that we are setup correctly?

Thank you.


This is a forum for customers to help other customers. Sure, here is CloudFlare staff around but 99% of us don’t have access to your account.

You could either share more information about your issue and what you’ve configured, or open a support ticket if it is urgent.


I have opened a support ticket, but the ticket system is not working properly for me. (Maybe its because I am using Edge to access my CloudFlare account, not sure.) I think I have everything set up and about 65% of the spam-bot attacks that we were getting on our website have stopped, but we are still getting some that are breaching the firewall settings. I can see that they have the exact ASN that we set to block in the firewall. So how are they getting through?


YEP!! It was Edge. I just opened my support ticket in Chrome and I was able to reply. May be something worth looking into for those few who use Edge. Thanks!