Firewall Bots Fight Mode Allow List FREE USERS

There are known bots that are being blocked by this Bots Fight Mode

I would like to know how to allow some on Firewall Rules will his work or do I need to allow it somewhere else for FREE Users.

As its blocking


Query string


Are you saying that some Known Bots from this list are blocked?

I thought they’d be let through, but you can certainly add a Fireawall Rule to “Allow”

So how do I allow this from being blocked?

Would it be like this?

Wish Cloudflare made it easy and allowed us to click Allow for the blocked Firewall Overview

That IP address is not a known bot. It’s someone’s Google VPS: domain name pointer

You can try that Firewall rule if it’s just an IP address, or you can put it in Firewall → Tools

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