Firewall blocking

I am having. Issues with the REST API. And I am not able to find the root of the problem or a solution.

Does anyone have any idea what causing this and how I can fix it?

I already added a Firewall rule but that didn’t fix the issue either.

This doesn’t seem like a Cloudflare issue. The error it is telling you is that it couldn’t find the URL, not that it was blocked. You should contact the owner of the plugin to see why it was unable to find the endpoint.

Can you tell me which plugin(s) please? Thank you for the feedback!

It would be whatever tool you are using in the screenshot.

That’s the site health tool and the others are Cloudflare firewall events

I disabled every plugin in maintenance mode and the REST API error was still there

Yeah, the error is from the site health tool. It is not able to find the URL it is looking for. If it was being blocked by Cloudflare, it would be a different error.

Ok thank you

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