Firewall Blocking Incoming RSS Feeds

Cloudflare’s Firewall seems to be blocking my RSS Aggregator from fetching incoming feeds. I get a ton of JS challenges on the /wp-cron.php and /news/feed on the firewall (all blocked). What’s the best way to allow these through?


I also have this issue. I tried disabling the WAF Firewall but continue to have the problem. HTML previews are also getting blocked… for example, Twitter, iOS messenger, Linkedin, etc… I’ve used the Twitter preview testing tool and it shows no errors. This is happening across all three of my sites under Cloudflare, so I believe the problem is to be found here somewhere.

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Yes, I’ve noticed the IFTTT I have running to post my own RSS to Twitter is getting blocked as well.

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May I ask is there anything in Firewall Events?

Well, seems as an “usual activity” from crawlers :smiley:

I assume as it could be either due to:

  1. HTTP 1/0
  2. Empty User-Agent
  3. User-Agent suspicious like “python” or some other
  4. IP address rating is low due to past or recent evets (behaviour)

May I ask have you tried whitelisting, bypassing or allowing their IP addresses at Cloudflare dashboard?

In the Firewall Events is where I found the JS Challenges and the root of the problem. The service is going into “Bot Fight” mode.

Would I just whitelist the IP from each of the places I’m pulling feeds from?

And then what about keeping it from blocking the outgoing rss feed via IFTTT/Twitter?

I don’t think it’s practical to whitelist all of the incoming IPs

I tried whitelisting my RSS feeds in the Firewall but that didn’t help in my case.

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