Why don’t any of these firewall blocks (see attached image) work?

This rule will only trigger for requests coming in from Belgium or China. What you for the hostname is invalid as it needs to be a website i.e.

Thank you, but that doesn’t seem to be logical. How do I know what website they are coming from?
I am just trying to get rid of these pesky annoyances as in the attached image:

Requests don’t come from websites or hostnames. They come from IP addresses. And IP addresses are only categorized by ASN. Or Geolocation via something like the MaxMind database, which is pretty much what you’re seeing in that Location line.

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Thank you, but there are hundreds of these things visiting and each one appears to have a different IP. I could actually do that from my cPanel and wouldn’t need Cloudflare but it would be rather monotonous and time consuming. The last time I did this I just blocked the countries and it worked, now I must be doing something wrong, as it doesn’t work.

Those are from AS Number 396982. Add a Firewall Rule to Manage Challenge AS Number 396982 AND NOT Known/Verified Bots.

Then review your Firewall Events Activity Log for anything that triggers that rule.

If you still get that traffic, remove the Known/Verified bot check, then continue to monitor your firewall log.

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Thank you for providing an insight into this. Do you know the purpose of these unwanted bulk visits to a website?