Firewall Block

I created a Firewall “BLOCK” to stop unwanted visits from Belgium, China and USA, but it doesn’t work. They mostly have screen resolutions of 800x600, and I have no idea about why they visit.

Meaning, you’re seeing web traffic from those blocked countries on some Analytics dashboard tool like Google Analytics? :thinking:

Is it the only one Firewall Rule or you’ve got more rules?
Is it the 1st from the top on the list, or?

Could you share a screenshot of it just to double-check if it’s correctly written and applied?

Thank you for your reply.

They are seen in my report, attached is a screenshot.

Also attached is the Rule I applied.

Thank you for feedback information and sharing.

Kindly, fix your Firewall Rule and replace AND with OR :wink:

A request cannot be from multiple countries at once, rather either is from countryA or countryB or countryC.

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Looks like it’s working now, thanks a million fritex!

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