Firewall block country IP rule does not take effect


I am trying to block access to a website for a specific country. I went to FIREWALL > FIREWALL RULES > CREATE A FIREWALL RULL and went on to select the country I want to block.
However after 3 days we can still access the site from that particular country.
What am I doing wrong ?
Many thanks in advance for your help.

Can you post a screenshot of the rule itself?

Also, how exactly do you determine that Vietnamese requests come through? Are you sure they are not going around Cloudflare directly to your server? Is your server configured to only accept Cloudflare connections?

Below is a screenshot
I am based in Vietnam so I try accessing the site using incognito mode and with VPN off. I can still browse the site.

The rule looks okay. What’s the domain? Plus, what about my questions?

Your domain is not using Cloudflare to begin with, hence none of the settings will actually apply. You first need to set up your domain, following

on my cloudfare dashboard, i see that this domaine is “active”. Does that not mean it’s using cloudfare?

The domain is on Cloudflare active but your domain is not using Cloudflare and will most likely be deactivated rather soon. You need to set up your domain to use Cloudflare and aforementioned tutorial and support guide has the details on that.

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ok thanks. I don’t see the tutorial you are referring to. Is this the link i need to follow ?

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Yes. Primarily you need to change the nameservers. It would seem you already had them set at one point but changed them back. You will need to fix that and the guide you linked goes into detail for that.

ok, many thanks for your time++!

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