Firewall block but still being requested

Hi I have the bots block feature enabled and have a firewall rule to challenge Europe apart from known bots (which I assume is search engines etc) yet I am getting requests from a bot in Germany, the specific IP changes last night was the IP, which is based in Germany, I don’t understand why this is not being caught by the firewall

If you want to challenge all of Europe, you would need to drop the “bot” exception, but then you will certainly also challenge those.

Ok that makes sense but I have bot fight mode enabled as well, which I thought would handle bots.

So what I am wanting is to block all bots apart from search engines, what’s the best way to handle this?

“Search engines” is in this context?

Ok I want to block the thousands of requests I am getting from obvious bots which are not search engines, most are requesting URLs that do not exist like wordpress know URLs etc.

The IP addresses I am getting are in various countries like Germany, the IP address is always changing, so I am wanting to block all of these but I don’t want to be blocking search engines like google indexing the website

It really depends on what you actually want to do. Cloudflare has quite a few tools but does not have a magic wand either.

If you set up the firewall rule you originally mentioned, your use case should actually be met, but of course a European crawler which has been whitelisted by Cloudflare will still manage to send requests.

Which rule do you have in place and post a screenshot of the request you were referring to.

For Wordpress I would suggest to check out[FirewallTip]%20in%3Atitle%20%23tutorials%20%40sandro.

Ok do the last request was from the IP Address:, which I am pretty sure is not a search engine so I thought this would of been picked up by my rules as in the screenshots

I have Bot Fight Mode enabled as well as the attached firewall settings

Without further details it is impossible to say what that IP address is, it may very well be a verified “bot” and will be if you excluded them in your rule.

But you can easily check if that IP address fired your rule

So it didn’t fire the rule, so I assume that means it’s a whitelisted bot?

That’s what it would suggest.

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