Firewall Block admin login for FTP admin

Hi, i want to secure my ftp login like i secure my website admin panel login.
in my website admin panel login i create Cloudflare WAF firewall rule to block website/admin for all ip thats not equal to my ip.

How can i secure my ftp, is there any way to improve security?
for example , i want that anyone thats his ip not equal to my ip will not allowed to access my ftp even he have my ftp host, username and password.

If you have an Enterprise Plan, you can use Spectrum. Other than that, the answer to your question, currently, is no.

By default, Cloudflare only proxies HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

If you need to connect to your origin using a non-HTTP protocol (SSH, FTP, SMTP) or the traffic targets an unsupported port at the origin, either leave your records unproxied (DNS-only) or use Cloudflare Spectrum.



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