Firewall API

First time post:

I’m looking to see if there is a way to post public IP addresses either into a list which I have created, create a new block rule via an API (would rather not go this route - see below) or to this effect.

The background is I have a user portal which is presently secured (along with other features) by public IP. If the visitors public IP address is not in my whitelist (a created list in Cloudflares firewall section) they get a “page cannot load” notice.

Presently should a users public IP change or elsewise a new one needs to be added, they are required to call our support desk or log a ticket.

My thoughts are that I have a webform on the site where the user enters their unique customer ID, password and IP address > this posts to a MySQL backend > a vB script on loop validates the values submitted against an authentication list > if the values authenticate I’d like to add the IP address to the firewall automatically - I can then send out a pass / fail notice accordingly.

The MySQL table which the values are posted to would append the info into a near cold storage for validation so I’m not worried about security - also once they are passed the firewall they still have all the usual security to go through anyway.

Any thoughts or help really appreciated!!

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