Firewall allows requests but Super Bot Fight blocks them

Hi guys,

We’ve been using cloudflare for around 7 months now with no issues. Then yesterday out of the blue one of our service providers webhook requests started getting blocked by the manage definite bots rule and 1020 errors are being thrown. We’ve got rules in our firewall to allow through the correct IP addresses for the service provider but the bot check is triggered even though our firewall rules are set to skip further checks.

This is only happening for this one service provider who i’ve contacted and they say they have not made any changes to their requests.

Any light you guys could shed on this is much appreciated.


Allow the IP addresses at Firewall >> Tools >> IP Access Rules.

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Thanks buddy this has fixed it.

I don’t suppose you have any idea why this all of a sudden stopped working? We have super bot fight turned off and our other service providers configured in the same way with custom WAF Skip rules but yet they are still working?

Personally, I’ve always had to allow the IPs where I’d told you to do it in order to not have the bot-fight mode block them. But, I’ve always used the Super Bot Fight Mode (SBFM) too though. I just know that with SBFM, the only way I’d found to bypass the challenges for particular bots, was to allow their specific IPs.

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