Firewall Activity should include number under Rule ID


I’m a recent user of Cloudflare’s Firewall User-Agent Blocking feature. I have created 2 different rules, one to block hackers who attempt to get to wp-login.php and another to block an annoying hack that inserts spammy content on my Google Analytics report.

At the bottom of the Firewall tab, there’s a list of Firewall Events, ordered by most recent occurrence. Under Rule ID, we only see “User Agent Blocking” for any occurrence.

I believe it would be useful to have each UA rule numbered, so that I knew which one is more active. So a number would be assigned to each rule created by the user, and this number would be referenced in the Rule ID column, for easy visual inspection.


Actually, I just found out that the label on the Firewall Activity part of the page is wrong. Where it reads Rule ID, it should be Rule Type, if we are to follow what’s written in the Help section under the Firewall Activity panel:

Each entry contains:

Rule type
Action taken
Source IP of the web request
Country associated with the source of the web request
Hostname of your server which has been accessed

But I’m not sure if this Firewall Activity panel was designed to show the Rule Type (which it currently does, but makes little sense) and the column is mislabeled Rule ID, or whether the intention was to list the Rule ID, but for some mistake Cloudflare ended up listing Rule Type. I say it doesn’t make sense to list Rule Type because the search feature specifically allows for a search by Rule ID, which is nowhere to be found. (There’s no search by Rule Type)