I’ve got an employee located in another country which we want to block.

I’ve tested setting up firewall rules for him using IP’s, cookies and ASN’s. They all allow access beyond CloudFlare firewall, however, it seems to block third party scripts for some reason.

I’ve attached screenshots of what he’s seeing.

From the screenshot above, I see the Incognito mode (Private Window on Google Chrome Web browser) trying to load Google ads - which I assume are being blocked by default due to privacy settings.

I am not familiar with the file.

DevTools failed to load source map - ignore this one as far as the specified file with .map is not existing (being called inside the trolley.min.js script at the bottom of it).

May I ask is this your Website?

If he is using an Internet connection, and having the DHCP, I am afraid you would have to either block the IPs, or his ISP provider by the AS number, or some other way around.

Are you using Cloudflare Teams or Cloudflare Access maybe and want to block him from accessing your Website?

My apologies. After reading the question I wrote, I think I could have been clearer.

We’re blocking all traffic from a country, however, we have an employee in that country that we need to allow to access our site.

I’ve created firewall rules for him. Those rules allow him to access the site, however, third party scripts seem to be blocked. If we turn off the firewall rules on CloudFlare and have him use a VPN, the scripts load fine.

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