Firefox the only browser showing site is secure

I have a GoDaddy hosted site. I created the code for the key and certificate and followed the steps of creating each one in the SSL section of the control panel. When I pull up the site in Chrome, Edge and Brave (PC and mobile), they all show that the site is not secure. When I pull it up on Firefox, it shows that it’s secure. Why is Firefox the only browser that’s recognizing the site’s certificate?

May I ask is the website behind Cloudflare or not?

Maybe you are experiencing theese differences regarding the new feature “HTTPS-Only”?

Maybe the SSL certificate is self-signed?

Or you visited the Website before on FireFox, and then clicked on the button “Continue anyway”, which has added the Website to the “whitelisted” and/or “trusted” one?

Is the Website actually secured by a valid SSL certificate and the requests are being sent over a secure (HTTPS) connection?

I guess it just took a few days to propagate, because now it works.

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