Firefox Returning Secure Connection Failed

I created a CNAME record for re-directing a site. Chrome and IE are working fine. However, Firefox is returning a “Secure Connection Failed” message. Is there anything special that has to be done for Firefox?

Have you tried clearing your Web browser cache in Firefox?
Could be also due to the HSTS settings or TLS version, if so.
Is your date and clock working fine at your OS?
Moreover, are you using any anti-virus program?
Anything else written or just “secure connection failed”?

I use Firefox daily. If you wish to provide your website URL I can check and write back with results with both of the versions of Firefox I have installed (Developer/Beta and normal one).

Thank you for your reply. I found the problem. For some reason, I don’t know how it happened, but the NameServers in my registrar got set back to their defaults so when I entered the URL I wasn’t being routed to a secure location.

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