Hi To all. i used cloudflare for my sites 2 years without any problem . but afew day ago i have error in Mozilla Firefox : PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR , i change all settings but nothing , anybody have this problem too ? all browser ok just in mozilla in all systems :disappointed:

Without knowing the actual URL, there’s not much we can check, but here’s a suggestion from a similar thread:

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thankyou for reply sdayman , my site is clean i check it before , and change Minimum TLS Version to 1.3 . sometimes is ok but again and again error in firefox .

That’s not what the instructions said. Turn off TLS 1.3, and set Minimum TLS to 1.2.

please see this my settings

Ok. It was working for me in Firefox when I posted my reply, and it’s still working in Firefox. I don’t suppose you can try a VPN to another location, can you?

i check it again in Private Window and when clear history again have problem . thene check with Germany ip vpn , page load correctly :persevere:

It sounds like your ISP is interfering with your connection.

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i check my another site in cloudflare it is .com and have problem too, domain name is not problem, ip is my probelm when change it to another country site again load, but why just in firefox??? in chrome , edge, opera dont have any problem!

I have 3 different internet servers, change it and test. again have problem just in firefox

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR

HI sdayman , you right , this problem is in isp in us country and they try block VPN but make problem in some site and connections . . .now i change my dns and fix this problem check my site ssa really thank you for your reply

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این مشکل برای منم ایجاد شد ، و راه حلی براش نیست گویا. البته سایت رو در کلودفلیر وقتی از حالت پروکسی در میارم درست میشه .

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