Firefox needs your help :)

Time to switch, unless you want a complete Google monopoly

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Firefox is my go-to for site testing as a second browser. So I use it daily. I’ve had it installed in one form or another since it was born as Netscape.

Time to make it the primary :smiley:

Except for a brief and wild affair with IE6 I have been also mostly with Firefox and Netscape, back since the days of cc32e472.exe.

I use Brave. It does a lot of what I want, and does it well.

Still a Chrome shell, though, isn’t it.

Quote from the article

Firefox is on its way to irrelevance.

Soon we will have Google solely dominating the market. IE6 all over again.

Install Firefox today and get as many people to switch as you can :slight_smile:

I am little confused with their strategy. They make money by selling there Search default option (those search query will show ad and make money) and then made their browser block all kind of tracking bydefault.

Switching Firefox has been always tough for me. Here are few reasons -

  • I’ve noticed Google Drive doesn’t upload as quicker as Chrome. Of course, I don’t use Drive all day. But this is just an example and how similarly many services feels working better with Chrome despite the fact it uses lot of RAM.

  • User-experience, consistency in UI which Chrome has maintained since beginning which is the big factor. I mostly liked New tab, address bar before the version which appeared as Qunatam.

  • Android: Tried Firefox more than 50 times, and all time I had to switch Chrome because app like Discourse was hard for me to use under Firefox. Be it replying, copying text, it’s all easy and quick in Chrome.

  • I wish to see Firefox successful and hope they work on improving UX. All dropdown, select item, basic things appears quite outdated which again hint me using just Chrome.

  • For a long time, I have noticed Font shows too dark. These are basic problem which makes addicted to Chrome.

  • Why not they work on single version instead similar products in too many version?

I can’t say I’d notice a difference, but even if there was one, with Google services it wouldn’t surprise if that that was deliberate. They seeminly pulled that trick already once on Youtube ->

I am not saying Chrome is a bad browser, but the differences between Firefox and Chrome are rather negligible at this point and with the sort of dominance and monopoly Google now has in this market, people should do everything they can to diversify that.

People don’t seem to realise that Mozilla is essentially the only other player at this point. Once Mozilla is gone, it is all Chrome and only Chrome (plus their shells like Opera and Edge). On Apple you still have Safari, but that’s an 8% share.

Good point. Please help me in understanding.

If general public start using Firefox, how it will help them suddenly?

  • Let’s say 50% switched to Firefox, then what? Do you feel, then they can push new product such as earning money from things like VPN, Password Locker, and so on… I am not sure, how a free user can help Firefox when they are not in data business?

  • People said to me, Switch Linux because other is evil and not respecting privacy. The problem is how we have grew up with easily available solution it’s hard to switch. Something that you’re using for past 20 years, switching won’t be easy. That’s a feeling here.

Switching an operating system is a very different thing to switching a browser.

If Mozilla had suddenly 50% of the market share again, the situation would certainly be very different. Not only because their revenue would be very different as well.

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