Firefox DoH does not resolve some domains from Ashburn Cloudflare resolvers - connection timed out is not resolving with Firefox Cloudflare DoH Ashburn resolver seems to be the culprit.

$ nslookup

;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

ISP resolves it fine.

Not sure that’s the ashburn resolver IP but it might be a geo-based outage as you suggest. It does resolve in Atlanta, Georgia.

Although this is a messy dnsviz, the domain’s own nameservers aren’t responding apparently

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same issue with from Ashburn resolver

(the site does resolve even though http times out)

Same issue with Newark resolver :

$ nslookup

;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

can you fix this ?


Another geo based outage - is not resolving currently

I’m unable to reach Wikipedia currently in Firefox DoH

This has been happening frequently enough on different major sites to be noticeable and inconvenient. Please make sure your resolvers are working.


I can take a look but I haven’t seen any problems resolving recently.

The nor are addresses for resolver lookups. You can use any of the addresses here

Are you trying to test the Mozilla DoH endpoint? You can try something like

curl -H 'accept:application/dns-json'
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It is working now, it wasn’t working this morning EST.

Hmm, I got IP from in Firefox using DoH. (trr mode 3 no fallback)
but it does appear that IP doesn’t resolve anything.

Anyways, thanks

I’m having continued failures resolving major domains over Firefox Cloudflare DoH

I know these are temporary failures , but the DNS just isn’t very reliable - I don’t get these problems using ISP DNS or other public providers.

I don’t think I can recommend Cloudflare DoH at this point because of the unreliability

(dnsleaktest shows )

See | DNSViz - It looks like that might have an edns issue. to The server(s) for the parent zone ( responded with a referral instead of answering authoritatively for the DS RR type. (... UDP_-_EDNS0_4096_D_K)