Firefox Cookie “__cfduid” scheme does not match warning

For some reason in Firefox only I receive several of the following warnings:

Cookie “__cfduid” will be soon treated as cross-site cookie against “” because the scheme does not match.

Is this something I need to fix on my end or is this a CloudFlare issue with their __cfduid cookie? Why is it only Firefox that is throwing this warning?

I have the same issue, any updates regarding this?

If it’s for font files & those files are not on the exact same origin (no subdomains), that may very well be the reason. What FF version is this? Also, a workaround is to serve both your CSS & WOFF/2 files using a single subdomain. The css is what’s being directly referenced from your website, not the font, and that css uses one or more @font-face queries to fonts stored on the same subdomain.

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