Firefox 52 login problem

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As you may know, Firefox 52.9.0 ESR is the latest browser version that works with Windows XP and Server 2003 (maybe also Vista, but nobody uses Vista).

The Cloudflare index page had Sign Up and Sign In links, both redirected to correspondign forms. Later on, the 2 drop-down menus (Support & Log In) were created. Both menus do not work in this web browser properly. The only way to login was to visit directly the page

Also, since about September 12th some changes were made in the Dashboard frontend. Both login and registrationf forms are not rendered, there is an animating circle on the white blank page and “p.addEventListener is not a function” error in the console.
The second issue is critical and need to be fixed since it prevents to login. First one is not critical since direct URI access allows to skip this frontend bug.

The corresponding ticket id is 2258626.

P.S. looks like Safari is also affected

@MoreHelp ticket 2258626

Is there a reason you’re trying to log in using software that’s way beyond its end of life? XP past EOL seven years ago, and Firefox 52.9.0 ESR is 3 years past.

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yes, there is a serious reason why I must use Firefox 52 or Chrome 49. There are no newer browsers that will run in Windows XP.
XP & 2003 are much faster then other Windows versions. It does not consume lots of memory and HDD size to run.

Up to now the problem is actual, both login and sign up forms are not functional.

You do realize that you’re running a completely unsupported setup. And now you want Cloudflare to support this? Have you asked Firefox to make their new versions run on XP?


Thanks to cloonan for re-opening the topic I failed to reply in time.

sdayman, there are lots of hardware where operating system can not be updated. This includes almost all smartphones (honestly I haven’t seen any Android device that is able to update Android itself because many hardware developers prefer to produce and sell new waste instead of developing a newer firmware for the same smartphone or embed system. There are many systems where update will result the performance degradation (newer OS requires much more resources). There are systems that usually run some tasks that impossible to run under newer OS (like problems with raw serial or parralel port access etc).
Also, take into account the in so called third world countries there are lots of PCs running Windows XP (<=5%) or Windows 7 (<=45%) that will never be updated to Windows 10 or 11.

Firefox (custom build) for such systems is a good idea.
But until there is no solution, its better to use completely supported javascript functions and libraries instead of completely unsupported by browsers older then 1-2 latest builds.

This is not a reason for holy war here.
Fortunately, the issue was noted:

Thanks for letting us know. We agree there is an issue and we’re looking into it.

Which issue? That message looks like a response to a Flagged post in the Community, not the topic of the post itself.

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The topic was closed after 3 days, few hours before I’ve logged in to reply. Other topics are not closed after weeks of inactivity. I’m not familiar with the forum engine used here. I’ve clicked some button like “report” and asked to re-open the topic, there I’ve got the reply cited above.

additional information to the topic: some versions of Edge are also affected (animation on the white page instead of login / sign up form). It happened under Windows 10 build 17xxx or 19xxx - I do not remember exact number, so the problem affected much wider range of devices then I thought (not only Windows XP)