Firebase Library or scripts are being cached

I have an wordpress woocommerce website(E-Commerce).

We are forcing my users to register via OTP in mobile while going to checkout.

I use Google’s Firebase SMS API Gateway to send SMS.

My OTP was not going through lately and found that after purging my website cache OTP was going through fine for some time.

Then have to purge my cache, so OTP functionality was working again for some time.

I’ve asked help for my OTP plugin support and this was their answer

If you are using firebase then please make sure you do not cache any of their library or script.s

how to make sure whether Firebase Library or scripts are not cached ???

Kindly help !

Can you share an URL to the resource?

What HTTP headers does it contain?

Do the resources come from Firebase/Google domain, or rather from your domain name (via Cloudflare)?

If they aren’t being served from a domain name which is using Cloudflare, then it might be cached at Firebase? :thinking:

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