Firebase hosting: "Needs Setup"

I have a project hosted on firebase and DNS set up via Cloudflare. The domain resolves properly and browsers show the certificates are good, etc. but, firebase shows status as, “Needs setup”.

SSL zone on Cloudflare is set to “Full”.

I have followed the “Advanced” setup which suggests setting both A records and a “.well-known/acme-challenge/[generated filename]” file in place.

Everything seems to work, but firebase still says setup is still required.

They also suggest trying to create a TXT record called “_acme-challenge.[mydomain]” but when I enter that in Cloudflare it is changed to, “_acme-challenge”. I am wondering if Fiebase is therefore disregarding the TXT record? Is there a way to get clouldflare to leave it unchanged?

Also, I notice that host -Tv -t TXT mydomain and dig -t TXT mydomain only return 3 TXT records, but I have 7 TXT files defined. Perhaps I am not using the commands correctly?

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