Firebase gives "needs setup" message (static website)

Hi folks, I could use some help here. My firebase dashboard say my domains needs setup.

To troubleshoot, I went through this stackoverflow thread which suggests toggling Proxy Status to DNS only and re-adding the domains.

The funny part is their status changes to Connected when the cloudflare proxy status is DNS only but doesn’t that unmask my IP? What should I do?

ps: SSL zone on Cloudflare is set to Full.

Hi there,
I have never used Firebase, but I found this post here in the community:

It seems that once the setup is done you can enable proxy (:orange:) again and it will be fine.
Can you confirm if it works?


I appreciate the answer. Co-incidentally, that was the thread I referred to before making this post. It does say that I have to “temporarily grey-cloud those DNS records” - which I did and it showed connected for some time.

But like @matteo remarked, it went back to Needs Setup when I toggled the Proxy Status back to :orange:. I guess my question is, does that mean my project is working fine and I need to take no further actions?

It should be fine, as it was pointed out there.
But if you see any errors (other than the “needs setup” message) you can always come back to the community and people can help you sort things out.

Aha, gotchu. You see, ambiguous looking messages like these (from firebase) create confusion. I’ve got to be not the only one who wants this bug fixed. Thanks @raphaelarocha

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