Fire wall rule not working

Hi - i have added a firewall rule for my domain to disable search index on google for I have now deployed the rule. But still i am able to see my sites on google search - Google Search

please help me on this.

Thank you!

If Google can’t index your site for a few weeks, it’ll still show up in results in case you “fix” the problem (since google thinks your server is having troubles). After enough time though it’ll drop out of results.

Google can be very persistent at keeping already-indexed pages on their index, even after (perhaps I should say, especially after) their crawler is blocked, either via robots.txt or a firewall rule.

The right way to remove is to lift the block and set a header for X-Robots-Tag set to “noindex”. After you do this, you may want to use their URL removal tool, available at the legacy Google Search Console, especially if they have created a cache of the pages in question.

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