Fire wall rule not work in pages site

my site

i add this test rule
(http.request.uri.path contains “php”) with block
but (pages site) is no block 。 (worker site) is block
fire wall rule not work in pages

Can you post what the full rule looks like?

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Any other Firewall rules?

Is this the 1st rule from above?

Does it contain any other criteria or something more?

I tested on my domain and /php is not blocked, neither /abcdphp, but something.php is blocked using contains "php" - but that’s my VueJS app running on a Firebase hosting.

I use .php in my Firewall Rules to block access to PHP files in some combination of the specific path/directory too.

UPDATE: Ok, contains "php" works for me. I mispelled it wrong in the expression field.

other Firewall rules is turn off now

ok ,know why fire wall not work
cname * must turn on