Finding which sites are generating non-US traffic

To my knowledge, I have WAF rules set up on all of my sites to block non-US IPs. I still see that I’ve had 14G of bandwidth to non-US in the last 7 days, though.

I have 118 sites in my account, so it’s not a simple task to go through each of them one at a time to see where it’s coming from.

Any suggestions on a faster way to figure out which sites are getting the non-US traffic?

I’m afraid in this case you might need to check one by one.

  1. Log in to Cloudflare:
  2. Select your domain:
  3. Navigate to Analytics:
  4. Filter by Country:
    In the Analytics dashboard, you should see an option to filter by country.
    Select the United States (US) to exclude US traffic.
  5. View Traffic Sources:
    Cloudflare Analytics will show you a breakdown of traffic by country.
    You can see which countries are generating traffic to your website apart from the US.
  6. Analyze Referring Sites:
    Cloudflare Analytics may also provide information on referring sites.
    Look for referring sites that are outside of the US to identify where your non-US traffic is coming from.
    7.Explore Other Metrics:
    Depending on your Cloudflare plan, you may have access to more detailed metrics.
    Explore other metrics such as bandwidth, requests, and threat analytics to further understand your website’s non-US traffic sources.

I hope this can help you

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