Finding website IP

I need to setup my www to my domain so that it resolves with Cloudfare. Cloudfare is also who I’m using to register my domain but I can’t find my IP address to put here.

This IP is the IP address of your server.

Yea but I don’t know how to find it

Don’t you know your own server IP?
Log in to the server or search the host control panel.

And once you find the IP @flynnrose4, you’ll need to :orange: the :grey: on the A record to proxy through Cloudflare. If you’re not through Cloudflare now, you can ping your site to find the ip.

If you hit an nxdomain error, search here for #communitytip nxdomain for Community Tip - Fixing the DNS PROBE FINISHED NXDOMAIN error and #Communitytip 520 for the same for a 520.

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