Finding the right Bot Management Approach

Hahaha cleantalk is full of false positives, especially for seo.

That’s why its cheap its bad. Please don’t post that rubbish, also you can get clean talk for free off firehol blacklists GitHub and make your own massive ip blacklist with many others.


I’m using their API to scan form submissions based on IP and email address.
I’m scanning thousands of submissions per day, and the detected spam is also saved to the DB, and my users can see it under their ‘spam’ folder in the product.
I can only recall one complaint in the last 3 years that a legit email should have been in the inbox.
I also personally scanned with my eyes thousands of spam records to make sure that nothing that seems legit is there, and I could never detect anything.

So I don’t know why you say that they are “full of false positives”.
I’m sure that they do have mis-detects and false-positives, as no solution is 100%, but I’m a happy customer.

About the “make your own” option - first, thanks for the resource. I wasn’t familiar with firehol. Second, you can make-your-own almost anything that you want. Using *-as-a-service is such a successful model because it allows you to focus on your core product and not on other things. So the fact that there are great resources like firehol and the fact that you CAN make your own, doesn’t mean that you SHOULD. And that is not related to CleanTalk. It’s about anything from servers and databases, to the software used to host communities like this one.

BTW, just to make it clear, I’m not affiliated with them in any way :slight_smile:

I’m not sure why did you flag my post. Your opinion about them is legit, but so is mine. And I think that other users should be able to read it and make their own decision. Moreover, the service I suggested is relevant to the original question that was asked, especially because other solutions suggested in this thread cost $40k per month as a start.

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