Finding the hosting provider


Oct 31, 2022, 1:51 PM CDT

My son designed and hosted my website using Cloudflare services. The website domain is mason-realtyteam dot com ( and currently indicates the “Account is Suspended” and to contact the Hosting Provider. I don’t know who the hosting provider is, and do not have any of his log-in information. Unfortunately, he passed away last year and I am not able to retrieve any additional information. It is important to me to maintain the website, because it is one of the last things my son did for me. I am more than willing to pay any past due hosting fees and move the hosting service to the account I created. I just need to locate the account to restore it.

I cannot get help from billing unless the owner of the account (deceased) adds me to th account. Does anyone have any suggestions for me for next steps?

Unfortunately Cloudflare isn’t hosting your website - Cloudflare just sits in-front as a proxy, the actual website (and the associated files, etc) will be on whichever provider hosts it.

You can go through the account recovery steps - depending on the information you have, you might be able to get into the existing Cloudflare account & the IP address in there will lead you to the actual hosting provider.

If you don’t have any information such as the email that is associated to the Cloudflare account, unfortunately all you can do is create a new account from fresh which will lose the IP address.

These cases are always complicated, but generally speaking, companies have ways to make it possible recovering the accounts.
Do you have access to any of the account’s associated emails?

Cloudflare is not the hosting provider; the most critical bit right now is finding the hosting provider. Even if you recover access to the CF account, there are chances that the IP behind Cloudflare isn’t enough to identify the hosting.

My tip:

  1. Get access to the email(s) that were linked with the hosting. It seems like your son set up Zoho email in the past; try reaching out to them.
  2. If there are no traces of the hosting on the Zoho emails, try checking your son’s personal email.

Zoho might request some proof of ownership of the domain; if they do that, it makes sense to recover the Cloudflare account (in which case, I think there is an existing protocol, @cloonan probably knows better where to start).