Finding the host for a website I used to own

Hi all,

Long story short: I used to own a business and therefore had control over the domain and website. I left the business, shortly after the other people involved in the business also left and the business was completely liquidated.

The website still works:, my mobile number is listed on one of the pages and I am looking for it to be removed as I keep receiving spam calls due to it being listed.

I’ve contacted the person who took over from me when I left the business and they were unable to help, they don’t have any login details for GoDaddy or CF.

I’ve no way of resetting the GoDaddy account since the domain has no MX records so no mails can go out, and GoDaddy were pretty unhelpful as they kept asking me to verify the email address but that’s impossible.

How does one go from a CF nameserver to finding out who is actually hosting the website so that I can submit a request to them to remove my mobile number?

Thanks for any advice.

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