Finding root domain IP address

I recently added my domain “” to Cloudflare as my domain registrar provided the DNS option as nameservers only. So, I connected to Cloudflare to connect to Firebase or Blogger. Inspite the fact that the domain has been succesfully connected to Cloudflare, I have not been able to connect to any of these hosts.
The problem I assume is the fact that I don’t have an A record pointing to my root doamin. However, my registrar doesn’t provide me the IP and when I try to find my domain IP through tools found in google they give me either “ and” or nothing at all. The problem with these IPs is that Cloudflare says they’re invalid which I think is because these are the IPs of the Cloudflare nameservers. Can anyone help me figure it out. And will it work after that because i’ve seen video tutorials that don’t have root a records and yet are able to connect to Blogger through the provided DNS file which I couldn’t.

This one might help.

You probalby need to disable proxy mode (:grey:)

I have already tried that. The Blogger provides a pre-setup dns file that adds CNAME and A records. Yet it still says “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain.”

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