Finding out my login credentials associated with a domain

I purchased a domain from Google, then redirected it to The DNS info from Groove must have put Cloudflare as the host for the website.

However, I do not have a Cloudflare account to manage my domain on Cloudflare. This is causing a problem as I am trying to set up my email to this domain through Microsoft.

After troubleshooting with Microsoft, I subsequently set up a Cloudflare account under my email and would like to link the website to it if possible, but mostly, I just want to have run my webpage and Microsoft run my email… but I need to be able to log in to the Cloudflare hosted website to make that happen.

Can anyone help?

Cloudflare isn’t a host, but it sounds like Groove is using Cloudflare to proxy your site, so they control your settings. If this is the case, then you’ll have to work with Groove to make any changes to your domain settings, such as DNS. Have you asked Groove about this?

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